If you’re reading this then you have either reached a strange part of the internet and you aren’t too sure how you have ended up here, or alternatively you know me personally and would like to know what goes on in this strange old head of mine.

I am hopeful that this blog will cater to a variety of tastes. As you can see above I have chosen 3 fairly broad categories to discuss and give my (probably biased) opinions on.

I intend to keep this updated as often as possible on the off chance that somebody takes a keen interest in what I have to say, if not then I am just talking to myself.

Let’s see where this goes.


Why I love the beautiful game…

After reading umpteen amounts of more established blogs than my own, I figured I would give readers an insight into how my love affair with football began as well as the key moments which have re-affirmed my passion along the way.

From as far back as I can remember I have been a Liverpool fan, which has its ups and a fair share of downs. 


My first footballing memory is perhaps my fondest, the 2005 Champions League final. This game will go down in footballing folklore. AC Milan were European powerhouses with the likes of Kaka, Maldini, Gattuso, Dida, Shevchenko representing The Rossoneri, there was a stark contrast to the Liverpool side that night who had Djimi Traore and Vladimir Smicer (doesn’t quite strike fear into the opponents hearts does it?)

1 goal, then another and surprise, surprise another one. Milan were following the script to a tee. Half Time and 3-0 up. Game over? 

Well The Redmen had other ideas. 

54′ Stevie G meets Riise’s cross with a glancing header which nestles in the top corner. Surely just a consolation.

58′ Smicer takes aim from the edge of the box, Baros moves out of the way and Dida can’t get to it. Ok. Is this really happening?

60′ Gerrard takes a tumble in the box, it looked soft. PENALTY! The referee points to the spot. Xabi steps up. Dida saves but cant keep out the follow up. 3-3!! The Ataturk stadium erupts.

Liverpool had somehow taken this game to extra time, even the believers didnt think this was possible. Was it written in the stars for them to win the whole thing now?

Now was the time where Jerzy Dudek was going to achieve LFC legend status. Firstly, his double save in extra time was still to this day absolutely unbelievable, I do not know how he did it.

Penalty Shootouts are like Marmite. On this night though, I loved them. We had done it, the giant killing to end all giant killings. History had been made and 7 year old me was over the moon.

How do you top a night like that? This is something that we haven’t yet figured out yet. It’s only been 12 years though…

As well as the iconic games there have also been some iconic players. Here are some of my favourite players of all time.

The samba magician who played with a permanent grin on his face, the things he couldn’t do with a ball weren’t worth doing. He was one of the main focal points in a brilliant Barcelona side and I am sure he has passed down a thing or two to Barcelona’s new number 10.

Xabi Alonso

Maestro. I have never seen somebody seamlessly dictate the pace of every game the way that Xabi did. The fact that he did it at top clubs all across Europe shows that he was easily one of the World’s best up until he retired just recently. Aged like a fine wine.

Lionel Messi

Messi > Ronaldo. That is all. The best player to ever grace the pitch *drops mic*

Steven Gerrard

Mr Liverpool. There was nothing that Gerrard could not do, all that was missing from his glittering career was a League winners medal and it’s heart breaking that he was so close to it. Nonetheless he has provided Liverpool fans across the globe with so many great moments, how can you not love him? Icon.


My love for football will never die but I do hope that in the near future Liverpool will awaken from their slumber and return to being a European powerhouse once more. And obviously win the league as its 27 years and counting.

My Top 10 all time favourite movies *no spoilers*

Everybody has their favourite films, whether it be a cheesy comedy or an edge of your seat horror. I am no exception. Here is a list of my all time favourites.

10. Step Brothers (2008)


Some days you just need to laugh until your stomach hurts, look no further than this Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly master class. Two 40+ year old men still living at home with their newly married “parents” constantly trying to be the dominant step sibling and completely oblivious that their endeavours are driving their parents to the edge. This is a must watch for any comedy fan.

9. Good Will Hunting (1997)


This film has it all. There are so many intricate lessons weaved immaculately into the storyline. From dealing with grief, love and friendships.

“Real loss is only possible when you love something more than you love yourself”

8. Prisoners (2013)


Prisoners shows the true extents that a parent will go to ensure the safety of their child. There are endless twists and turns as Hugh Jackman, assisted by Jake Gyllenhall, do everything in their power to find out the whereabouts of his daughter, Anna, and her friend .

7. Wolf of Wall Street (2013)


If you haven’t seen Wolf of Wall Street then you need to come out from whatever rock you’ve been living under for the past 4 years. Leo DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort perfectly, just an ordinary stock broker who’s stroke of genius lands him in a world of endless riches, but also a whole world of trouble. This slick production is a classic of modern times.

6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (2011)


I am yet to meet a person who has watched the Harry Potter franchise and has not thoroughly enjoyed the wizarding wonder which it provides. Deathly Hallows Part 2 perfectly ties together 14 years worth of movie magic at Hogwarts. We know that only 1 can survive out of Harry and Voldemort, but who will be triumphant?

5. End of Watch (2012)


Another Jake Gyllenhall film makes the list. This time he is an officer in the LAPD on patrol with his best friend. This film shows the daily trials and tribulations of police officers patrolling cartel dominated streets. *warning* this film is a tear jerker.

4. Trainspotting (1996)


This film is a cult classic set in the Edinburgh drug scene. It follows the exploits of 4 heroin addicts all with their own stories to tell. Danny Boyle directs this classic, which you will either love or hate. The twists and turns set up for the sequel which was released on the 20th anniversary of the initial release.

3. American History X (1998)


This film gives a poignant insight into the white supremacist movement in the USA. Edward Norton plays a leader who comes to the realisation that he has been brainwashed by his father and that the cause he is fighting for is not worth while. He must convince his brother of the same before it is too late.

2. The silence of the lambs (1991)


A true horror classic. Anthony Hopkins plays one of the best characters ever played in movie history, Hannibal Lecter. A convicted cannibal, rookie police officer Jodie Foster must persuade him to give all of his insight on the most recent high profile case. Thrilling.

1. The Dark Knight (2008)


Has there even been an example of better casting than Heath Ledger for the portrayal of the infamous character The Joker? Bruce Wayne is challenged to crack down on the influx of Gang crime within Gotham City. High action and high drama as the crazy life of Bruce Wayne returns for another instalment. Hands down my favourite film of all time. No question.

Liverpool 16/17 season review – “There’s no trophy for finishing 4th”

After seeing Leicester defy all odds in the 15/16 season surely all fans were hopeful of their team producing a miracle, Liverpool were no different. Could it finally be our year?

A 4-0 demolition of Barcelona under the Wembley arches in pre-season may have set our standards fractionally too high to say the least but enjoyable nonetheless.

The summer is always tough for football fans but this was eased slightly with the Euros taking place in France and as always the cash was well and truly being splashed in the transfer window, notably Paul Pogba to Man United broke the transfer record for a huge £90million.

If I was to rate Liverpool’s transfer dealings it would be a distinctly average 6 and I can’t imagine shirt sales soared with the names of our new signings on.

Notable signings included the Premier League proven Sadio Mane but for a questionable fee. Joel Matip was a shrewd acquisition with minimal risk due to him being a free transfer from Schalke. Loris Karius arrived for a small fee on the back of a breakout season between the sticks in the Bundesliga and could finally be the answer to our goalkeeping woes. Finally, Ragnar Klavan raised a few eyebrows as to be honest no one had a clue who he was, although he had won numerous “Estonian Player of the Year” awards which surely means something right?

So the wait was over. The stage was set. Everything looked so promising, no European football to worry about and the new stand was finally completed and there was fresh hope of Anfield returning to the fortress it once was.

Opening day fixtures don’t get much tougher than an away trip to the Emirates, and as always with an Arsenal-Liverpool fixture, it was a classic. The score line 4-3 didn’t reflect Liverpool’s dominance and it was only defensive frailties that prevented this from this being utter domination from The Reds.

In true Liverpool fashion, the very next fixture against Burnley was an absolute Defensive travesty as we suffered a 2-0 defeat on the road at Turf Moor. There is a defensive pattern emerging here. Frustrating.

The games rolled on and Liverpool were becoming some what of a force in the Autumnal months with defining games such as 6-1 thrashing of a weak Hull side, 4-2 thriller against our famous bogey side Crystal Palace and the plucky 1-0 win against Man City at Anfield.

We were top of the tree at Christmas. The likes of Mane and Lallana already early contenders for player of the season, there was pace and energy in our game that hadn’t been seen for a long time.

“All good things must come to an end.”

Mane was away at the African cup of Nations and the energy had been seemingly zapped from the side. The Gegenpress was nonexistent, and we were struggling to get results against the likes of Plymouth and Sunderland. What happened?

January and February were a disaster. Out of all the cup competitions and the Title was slipping away faster than Gerra-

At this point in the season the only solace we could take was our impressive record against the top 6 sides, but what does that achieve when we can’t beat the so called “lesser” teams.

The final straight. Our squad had been plagued by injury and lack of form. Our sole target now was champions league football but there were only two spaces up for grabs and four teams contesting for them.

Liverpool needed to pull out some wins from somewhere, and in true fashion we left it to the final day to secure our place amongst Europes elite.

In conclusion I would not consider a season where we had the title within our sights to be a success, but I assume that Champions League qualification was the main aim and we have achieved just that.

Player of the season – Sadio Mane

Goal of the season – Emre Can vs Watford

Game of the season – 4-3 vs Arsenal (A)

General Election 2017 – Corbyn to stage an upset?

As I write this the polls are open and I have cast my vote. On 9th June 2017 we will have a leader in charge of pushing through the Brexit negotiations and making changes that the British public so desperately crave. So will it be Corbyn or May?

The two front runners have pulled no punches so far in this election campaign and speculation is writhe about who will come out on top.

Corbyn has captured the hearts of the younger voters by declaring that he is aiming to provide a brighter future for Britain’s youth, whilst May is pledging that the Tory party will provide the Strength and Stability that Britain needs.

I personally have voted for Labour. I don’t claim to be an expert nor do I claim that my decision is what everyone should do as everybody should exercise their right to vote. I based my decision on 2 major factors; Corbyn pledging to still allow refugees to seek refuge away from their war torn homelands and have a safe place to stay. The other reason is that Labour are actively against the privatisation of the NHS which is a figurehead for the British public and I fear that without it their would be dire consequences.

For many years I have looked at politics as something that is strictly for middle class adults, and I am sure that I am not alone with this thought. This year however has been eye opening for myself and many others my age, a party has actually reached out to us and for once we actually have a platform upon which our voices can be heard.

I am not trying in anyway to tell you who to vote for, but I do urge you to cast your vote and let your voice be heard and don’t be stuck in the “my vote doesn’t matter” mindset.